Receiving 'Unrealistically' in Relationships | Set Your Standards

Sep 26, 2023

Hi love!

Last weekend I had the special honor to officiate the marriage of two of my best friends — and it had me dive into what makes thriving relationships...thrive.

This applies to intimate partnerships, but relationships with family and friends.

Over the past 6 months I've interviewed the bride, groom and their loved ones about their story and dreams.

During all this I was on a secret mission: To distill their own 4 Pillars of a Thriving Partnership — the four conditions that simply need to be in place for them to thrive individually and together. Pillars they can come back to any time something feels off.


I truly believe love is unconditional. You can love someone’s soul so deeply and forever, but that doesn’t mean the dynamic is healthy for you. A relationship requires clear conditions to thrive.

Both parties need to know and OWN what they personally need from a relationship to feel seen, supported and loved — as who they are today AND who they are becoming.

This is about setting firm standards of what you simply need to receive...and loving yourself so much to not settle for less.

On the other side I don’t believe a thriving relationship requires ‘compromise’, to give up what's important to us, or to hide parts of our true feelings, desires or selves.

There are a million and one ways for both parties to receive what they need. But we can only uncover these ways if both parties are open to actively trying different options.

What a thriving relationship needs is Conscious Creators at its helm.

A standard that I set 5 years ago was the condition of solving friction head-on. To not let anything get swept under the rug in hopes it would just disappear with time.

A part of me feared that with this standard I’d never end up in a relationship. It sounded high maintenance, difficult, wishful thinking. Unrealistic. I’d never seen anyone do partnership like this.

But I knew that if I didn’t have space for courageous dialogue with my partner, I would slowly die inside. It happened to me before. I also knew that if we would be able to go *where it hurts* we’d get stronger and stronger together.

A few weeks after I set this standard, I met Ray. I shared my standards from the start and he met me there with curiosity and openness. I right away knew *we* were right.

Was it easy? Of course not. Facing friction is freaking scary to our hurt parts, just like owning our true needs and desires. But it helped us heal as individuals and got us so close we can now face anything without our nervous system frying.

Whether you’re in a love partnership or not, it’s always worth to get clear on what you personally need to ask for and receive from others.

What are your 4 pillars for a thriving relationship? What are your standards? What do you need to do (or not do) to uphold them?

Love yourself so much to make sure you get what you need to thrive. Ultimately everyone and everything you care about will benefit.

If you're ready to raise your standards in relationships (and other areas of life), I’m excited for you.

Because remember...

Whatever standard you courageously uphold, life will meet you there.




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See you at the table?

Much love!

Marit x

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