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Wednesday October 11
11am - 12pm Pacific Time
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In 60 minutes, you'll elevate your ability to create a life + career you're in love with in ways that actually feel good. Ready?


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Hi! I'm Marit, founder of She Who Leads & Somatic Coach


Nothing fires me up more than seeing women embodying their power to create lives, careers and businesses that fire THEM up all the way, while contributing to the betterment of others.

We all possess this leadership potential — and I'm on a mission to support thousands of women to unlock it through my 1:1 coaching offerings, free content and our She Who Leads Meetups.

And let me tell you...these meetups are powerful.

Group energy is contagious. Just imagine stepping into a circle where the vibe is all about rising into the highest version of ourselves — then guess who you become? Right!

You naturally rise when surrounded by the right people who inspire you to show up as the most expanded version of you. Ready?

See you on the inside!

Marit x

What She Said

The hour in the circle always uplifts my day, which then has a ripple effect on my week and life.
Miriam, Writer & Strategist 
As moms and entrepreneurs, it can get lonely. The circle made me feel like I'm not in a bubble and even just witnessing how Marit supports others brought me to aha-moments too. 


Gabriela, Founder & Author

I met some of the most amazing women through this community and learnt so much from them. There is something so uplifting about a women's circle that I can't describe, but I am so glad I have this group in my life now. 

In just an hour I saw multiple women (including myself) shift limiting beliefs that don't serve us anymore, so we can finally make the changes we want to see.  

Gabriela, Program Manager

This is the perfect environment for growth. The expansion I experienced will be ever-lasting. From the other women I was so blessed to meet, to the softness Marit has shown me to integrate into my life, I thank you.
Lorien, Coach & Author
The meetup was exactly the reminder I needed to take a moment to slow down. I'm already looking forward to the next one!  

Sarah, Director

The diversity in the circle made me feel spiritually at home immediately. 

Dina, Founder Smiqql

Ready to start leading your life — so life can't lead you?


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