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No need to keep figuring it out alone.

No need to keep pushing yourself.

No need to wait for support until you're drowning.

Here we rise together.



January 17 2023

11am - 12pm PST


I'll guide you to cut through the noise¬†and reconnect to your truth ‚ÄĒ¬†so¬†you can¬†lead¬†& rise¬†from a clear,¬†powerful place.

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Hi! Marit here,¬†founder of She Who Leads ‚ÄĒ on a mission to hook you up with women as¬†smart¬†and mission-centered as you!

I started hosting circles in 2018 because, well, I tried to heal & rise without consistent support of soul sisters, and it only got me more stuck.

Truth is, you naturally expand when you surround yourself with women who are also dedicated to becoming the most expressed version of themselves.

Just imagine stepping into a¬†community where the vibe is all about¬†embodying our¬†Radiant Selves ‚ÄĒthen guess who you become? Right!

These free online Circles are my invitation to you to receive your boost of sisterhood, so you can move away from surviving, into thriving.

See you inside!

Marit x
Somatic Healing Coach + Founder She Who Leads

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What She Said

"This is the perfect environment for growth. The expansion I experienced will be ever-lasting. From the other women I was so blessed to meet, to the softness Marit has shown me to integrate into my life, I thank you."


"I met some of the most amazing women through this community and learnt so much from them. There is something so uplifting about a women's circle that I can't describe, but I am so glad I have this group in my life now."


"As moms and entrepreneurs, it can get lonely. The circle made me feel like I'm not in a bubble and even just witnessing how Marit supports others brought me to aha-moments too."


"The diversity in the circle made me feel at home immediately."


Ready to unlock your Radiant Self and get closer to your dreams & goals?

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