Our Story

What began as intimate women's circles at Marit her Brooklyn apartment expanded into a global community of women here to shift the world onto a more sustainable path, the aligned way

Everyone has a unique journey. But wherever you are on yours, being surrounded by your soul people helps to actualize your dreams + goals without having to effort so hard

She Who Leads


You're the one who wants to leads her life, relationships,  energy, actions, work and wealth from a place of inner peace, purpose and power.


You know you're here for a bigger mission and to fulfill your definition of success, not someone else's. You want to follow your inner voice, knowing the outcome is best for everyone involved. You are conscious to love all of YOU, including your shadows, knowing that if you doesn't work with them, they'll work against you.

You know that your ability to receive limitlessly allows you to give limitlessly. Boundaries are your middle name, as integrity is what makes you magnetic. You chose temporary discomfort over settling into places you've outgrown as the cost is always higher. You leap when you are called — with courage in your heart, knowing gold is waiting at the other end.


Our first circle in Brooklyn

After becoming certified as a group coach, Marit hosted her first coaching circle at her Brooklyn apartment — not knowing it would be the start of something big.

Still a business consultant, she kept hosting circles on the side, learning something key about self-actualization:

While all our journeys and dreams are unique, the way to thrive with alignment is similar to all of us — and we simply need people in our lives who uplift and uplevel us to do so. 

We are wired as social animals who (subconsciously) try to fit in. When your environment doesn't actively inspire you to rise and grow, chances are you simply...won't.


Virtual circles & programs

When the pandemic hit and Zoom came up, members asked to continue hosting our circles online...and these virtual circles turned out to be more powerful and transformational than we could ever expect.

Women from all over the world could now joined bringing even more perspective and diversity, allowing our community to extensively grow beyond apartment walls.

Marit decided to retire her career as a business consultant and coach women leaders 1:1 and host leadership programs full-time.


The birth of She Who Leads + The Podcast

Turning your dreams into reality requires mastery in balancing logic and intuition. It's about energizing AND nourishing, healing AND activation, feminine AND masculine. 

For years Marit looked for a women-only leadership community that offered both, but without success, so she decided to host one herself.

She Who Leads is the community for us women leaders to come together to heal, rise and have our impact in ways that actually feel good to us emotionally, spiritually, physically, energetically and financially.

The more you can lead the life that feels right, instead of the one you feel you should, the happier & impactful you'll be.

The Circle

The first ever virtual Embodied Leadership Training for women ready to fulfill their mission and version of success by healing the expression wound, nervous system health + group energy.


The Circle is for leaders ready to rise from survival patterns and into the life they LOVE without having to burnout for it.

Members receive guidance from experts and the circle to be, feel, create and receive what they desire from a place of ease, peace and power.

This journey is about be(com)ing the next level of YOU and to unlock your aligned ways to turn your ideas and dreams into reality.

Because once you can fully embody the internal shifts, things *click* into place and your abundance and success begin to flow to you more effortlessly.  


"The circle made me feel at home immediately."

The Circle invites you forward, holding you in the discomfort that arises as you embody your true dreams and goals, activate your conscious leadership and receive more fully than you ever have before.




The Embodied Leadership Pillars


There's two ways to turn your dreams into reality:

1) The draining, hustling and controlling way or... 2) by prioritizing feeling energized and nourished so you become clear, magnetic and powerful for things to click into place naturally.

Through the Embodied Leadership Pillars we give you the simple tools to get yourself on the aligned path.



The three must-haves to become an embodied leader are:


Mindset work, strategies or rituals don't create sustainable results if your body is not on board. Somatic vitality is about creating a physiological foundation that is geared towards thriving, instead of surviving.


Turning dreams into reality without burnout requires us to master the art of taking action that aligns with us AND lead us towards our dreams. This is not a talent we're born with, it's a skill we can all practice.


You've heard of the saying "you are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with". That's why our group energy that is both motivational AND nourishing, for you to feel good while you create what it is you envision.
Become An Embodied Leader


Receive insights and tools to lead your life, career and wealth to new heights — the She Who Leads way.