05: Cyclical Living w/ Menstrual Health Expert Nicole Frederiksen

Burnout and misalignment are out. In comes cyclical living.

We all have natural cycles that can either work against us or with us. I had the honor to sit down with one of my favorite cyclical living experts out there, Nicole Frederiksen, and explore together how to turn our cycles into a source of power, creativity and wellbeing instead of a source of self-doubt, misalignment and eventually burnout.

Nicole's life’s work is about reconnecting women with their bodies, guiding them to navigate natural eb and flow cycles, and unlocking cyclical awareness to become our powerful authentic Selves no matter our season.

Nicole and I both have a background in corporate. And we both know how being expected to show up every workday at the same energy, strategic, creative and social level as yesterday burns many of us out — as it did to us.

I love how Nicole shines light on how we can individually and collectively shift that reality and embrace cyclical living as the antidote to hustle culture. We can either work AGAINST our natural and seasonal cycles (working ourselves into burnout and disease), or WITH them, unlocking a next level of presence, authentic power, and self-love.

 Inside this episode you will:

  • Understand that turning your natural cycles into a source of power isn’t ‘hard’
  • Learn how to navigate cyclical symptoms to increase your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and relationships
  • Know where PMS symptoms might come from and how to heal them
  • Gain practical tips to love your natural rhythms and empower yourself to lead a life and career that aligns with your inner world
  • And more!


  • "Cyclical living counters hustle culture, aligning with the innate rhythms of women's bodies."
  • "Rest and intuitive self-care during menstruation fosters deeper connection with our bodies."
  • "Syncing with nature and your menstrual cycle is a powerful journey toward self-discovery and embodied leadership."


Nicole Frederiksen is here to change the world one period (and company) at a time. She guides women business owners and leaders to understand and embrace their cyclical nature so that they can avoid burning out - because the world needs what we as women are called to create.

Connect with Nicole on Instagram: @seasonandcycle

Visit her virtual home here: seasonandcycle.com


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