04: Vulnerability & Pleasure: The Keys To Freedom w/ Intimacy & Erotic Empowerment Expert Veronica Funess

Inside this episode, I delve into the powers of vulnerability, pleasure and play with Veronica Funess, a Somatic Intimacy Guide and Erotic Empowerment Coach. We highlight the significance of putting ourselves into spaces where we feel encouraged (and perhaps temporarily uncomfortable) to embody and express our authentic selves, to explore our fire and truth, and allowing others to witness us in our completeness.


We wrap up exploring how to become more vulnerable and free through nervous system regulation, soul community and play.



  • Learn how to embrace vulnerability and intimacy as a way to create deep connections with others and yourself, and a life you love.
  • Discover your vulnerability edge and how to move beyond it feeling empowered.
  • How to free yourself from cultural shame and expectations to own your desires.
  • How community can help us practice being seen as our true selves & receive support.
  • Turn to play as a powerful tool to regulate your nervous system during vulnerability.

And so much more!



  • "Celebrating pleasure and desires can help us bust through shame and fully embrace our authentic selves."
  • "Vulnerability begets vulnerability. Leading with vulnerability and sharing our true selves can create a brave space for deeper intimacy and connection."
  • "We don't need to love ourselves first before others can love us. Experiencing love and acceptance from others can inspire self-love and resilience.”
  • "Embracing vulnerability can be a powerful tool for navigating ruptures in relationships."
  • "Creating intimacy involves giving but also receiving fully."
  • "Vulnerability helps us move through shame, past patterns, and nervous system responses that no longer serve us."



Veronica Funess is a Somatic Intimacy Guide with expertise in sex & relationships. She is passionate about emotional resiliency and erotic empowerment. She discovered from her own journey of healing sexual shame and intimacy anxiety that unconditional love and celebration of pleasure are catalysts for transformation.

Connect with Veronica on Instagram: @vulnerable_veronica

Visit her virtual home here: veronicafuness.com



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