03: The Law of Detachment | Unleash Your Power & Joy

In this episode, we delve into the powerful topic of what happens when we aren't receiving what we desire, whether that be in our career, business, relationships or wellbeing. We all experience moments of disappointment and self-judgment when life doesn't deliver on our efforts. How can we navigate this energy so it doesn’t overshadow our lives, so we can still consciously create the life we want in a way that feels expansive and joyful? Today, I’ll discuss the law of detachment. You’ll learn how to balance future desires with embracing the present. Discover how releasing attachment can open doors to unexpected fulfillment, opportunities and growth, allowing you to become the best versions of yourself now, and not later.


We dive into: 

  • Common misunderstandings about the Law of Detachment (it's not about watering down your desire)
  • How to deal with disappointment when your desire isn't manifesting (yet)
  • How to strike a balance between having desires + fully receiving life now
  • How to shift disappointment and self-judgment so you don’t (subconsciously) block your intuition, inspiration and motivation
  • Checking in with yourself to identify areas where you may be attaching your sense of worth, security and happiness to external circumstances and outcomes
  • The best thing you can do to activate true fulfillment and freedom right now
  • How to establish a relationship with your desires that feels mobilizing and freeing instead of daunting
  • A powerful self-leadership practice to detach from a specific outcome, while still maintaining desire and belief in them


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