01: On Be(com)ing She Who Leads

We are so excited to share the first ever episode of She Who Leads!

We're Audrey Gentile and Marit Ouwerkerk, two embodied leadership experts and co-hosts at She Who Leads.

We made it our life's work to support women visionaries in taking their leadership, impact & ability to receive to new heights in ways that feel so nourishing and energizing to the soul, mind and body.

In our first episode we take you through the foundations of what we as humans simply need to have in order to go from survival to sustainable thriving.

We'll also fill you in on:

- Why mindset work alone often doesn't lead to sustainable change and what to do on instead

- How embodied leaders not only create massive impact and financial abundance, but also feel so good and empowered along the way

- Our (unconventional) view on living your purpose

- The 3 keys to shifting your inner and outer reality without burning out


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Stick around for more soon...

In Love + Learning, A&M

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