The Liminal Space: Navigating The Discomfort That Comes With Growth

The Liminal Space: Navigating The Discomfort That Comes With Growth

Jun 27, 2023

If you're in a transitional or in-between state of being, you've entered the liminal space. You find yourself neither fully in one phase or identity nor fully in another. You have left behind what was familiar and comfortable, but you haven't yet fully arrived at what lies ahead. While this space can feel exciting and expansive, it also often triggers our self-doubt. Sometimes so much so we go back to where we came from, even when we were not happy there. Here’s to navigate the discomfort that comes with growth, so you can keep your fire burning while moving through the liminal space.


Burning The Old Rule Book

The liminal space is where you are encouraged to burn more pages of the old rule book that keep you smaller than you are — so you can create the life that aligns with you most.

This space is uncomfortable AND it holds immense potential for growth and self-actualization. It is a fertile ground for redirection and redefinition. To reflect, question and reimagine your life, values and aspirations.

It is a space where you awaken to powers within that you may not even know you had. Powers that you need to become the person who leads the life, relationships, impact and wealth life has in store for you.


Navigating the Unknown

To move through the liminal space and into your next level (and avoid going back to places, people, and patterns you’ve outgrown) it's crucial to create space for patience, self-compassion, and intentionally support yourself through the inevitable pains of expansion.

It calls for embracing the discomfort of the unknown, trusting your intuition and the journey and allowing yourself to be shaped by the experiences and lessons that emerge in this transitional phase.


The Gateway to Expansion

Not many people dare to enter the liminal space, because not many people have the tools to hold space for the discomfort. But you're standing at the gateway to a more authentic and expansive version of yourself. Celebrate that. Get excited for that.


Here’s four pillars to help you navigate the liminal space: 
  • Actively check in with and nourish your nervous system and ego mind through the expansion process
  • Shed old beliefs, patterns, and identities to make room for new ones that align more with your fire and truth
  • Intentionally surround yourself with people who encourage your growth
  • Remind yourself daily that whatever is coming your way, it'll be so worth getting temporarily uncomfortable for  
Our Assignment

Life loves you as much and WANTS you to enjoy the experience. It's up to us to create the space necessary to shed what’s in the way so we can fully receive it.

That’s our assignment. Ready to accept it?


Much love,




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