Wealth Activation: Unleashing the Power Within for Abundance and Prosperity

Breaking Free From Money Blocks

Jun 26, 2023
Wanting more money is greedy.
I don't want to show off.
Money leads to fights.
As a spiritual / social person, I shouldn't want more money
I'm fine without.

For years, I carried thoughts that hindered my relationship with money — above just a few of them. I even convinced myself that I was fine without it. However, through my own healing journey with money and supporting hundreds of leaders through it, I realized we are SO ready for a new narrative around money that actually supports us to explore and live our purpose and fulfill our mission — instead allowing money to stop us on our tracks.


Rediscovering Desires and Self-Expression

During my transformation, I recognized the things I had denied myself due to these limiting beliefs. Simple pleasures like choosing organic food, bringing wine to friends' dinners, sending gifts to loved ones, and traveling without worries were deemed extravagant. Yet, there was nothing flashy or wrong about these desires. In fact, they uplifted and brought joy to my life and those around me.


The Truth about Money

Many of us yearn for the freedom and abundance that money and wealth can offer. However, we often hold conflicting beliefs that label money as "bad" or associate it with negative consequences. This contradiction stems from our ego's reluctance to be associated with anything perceived as negative. As a result, we subconsciously sabotage our ability to receive and use money effectively, leading to a constant internal conflict.


Money as Neutral Energy and Personal Empowerment

In reality, money is neither inherently good nor bad; it is neutral energy. The power lies in how we choose to direct and perceive money in our lives. We have the opportunity to invite money into our experiences and utilize it in ways that uplift ourselves and others. By shifting our mindset, we can regain control and ensure that money becomes a tool that supports our well-being and allows us to live in alignment with our purpose and impact.


Money serves as an amplifier of our true selves, our purpose, and the impact we can make. It is a tool that enables us to prioritize our health, vitality, and personal growth, allowing us to show up in our highest power. By healing our relationship with money, we create space to explore our spiritual journey, experience freedom, and realize our inherent worthiness.


Desiring more money, expecting to be compensated lusciously, and coming into positions of power to reinvest our funds into the causes we care so much about — is revolutionary.

Are you with us?


Love always,



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